Loft Extras

Along with loft ladder & hatches, here at the Loftman Company, we offer a wide range of loft extras to add that bit of extra quality to your loft.

Loft Insulation

We are an Energy saving company. Our intention for every project is ‘The conservation of fuel and power in buildings’

The Loftman Company has been involved in insulating thousands of homes for many years now. As such you can rest assured our experience and quality of work will leave you happy and warm. Loft insulation is a very effective way of preventing heat loss in your home. Around 25% of the heat you generate is lost through your roof so you can easily see why insulating your loft and be so effective at reducing this heat loss.

We offer a wide range of insulation materials. Whether you require your loft to be fully insulated or just a top-up, we have an expert team on hand to advise on the current guidelines to ensure you have the correct level and type of insulation in your property. It is really important to correctly insulate your home as it helps reduce your heat loss, improve your HIP rating (Home Information Pack) and more importantly reduce your energy bill and carbon footprint.

Insulation materials include standard mineral wool insulation which is cost effective and fire resistant. We also offer recycled plastic and sheep wool insulation. As these types of insulation do not emit airborne fibres these are ideal if you are concerned about respiratory issues such as asthma, or sensitive skin.

We only use the most effective and responsible solutions on the market. This includes as Knauf Insulation, which increases your homes Energy Performance rating and reduces carbon footprint while keeping your house warmer in winter and cooler in summer, and saving you up to £250 per year on energy bills. Using ECOSE Technology, made from rapidly renewable organic materials and formaldehyde free binding process with no added dyes. The technology also boasts up to 70% embodied energy, helping your insulation to save you a good amount of money.

Loft Lining

The Loftman Company offers a range of lining options to suit your space, budget and requirements. This is essential to keep your loft space dry, clean and well insulated.
Alumaflex Multi-layered Quilting is a thin and highly efficient multi-foil insulation designed to help reduce energy costs and save on space whilst meeting the thermal requirements of Building Regulations. It helps improve air tightness compared with other forms of insulation. It reduces waste, dust and cold-bridging.

Effective in both Summer and Winter Retains heat during winter and reflects heat in summer preventing overheating warm spaces.

• BBA certified in walls and roofs

• Flexible, durable and free from irritants

• Acts as an effective vapour barrier

• Can be used in conjunction with other forms of insulation

Breathable Roofing Membrane
Installed on top of other rafter lining materials such as multi-layered quilting, breathable roofing membranes can provide a neat and attractive finish for your loft storage space.

• Conforms to BS5534:2014 clause A.8

• BBA Approved

• Highly Breathable Allows Escape of Harmful Moisture Vapour

• Robust and Hardwearing

• Can Be Used in Warm and Cold Roof Applications

loft boarding new build

Loft Ladder Balustrade / Grab Rails

We also offer a full range of optional extras, including Loft Ladder Balustrades & Grab Rails that really make a difference to the ease of access to your loft. Protect your safety and consider a balustrade to help prevent accidents around the loft entrance – available in both timber and steel designs.
Timber Loft Balustrade
Our Timber Loft Ladder Balustrades look great and help to prevent accidents by surrounding the loft entrance, so it’s worth taking all sensible precautions. This balustrade or hatch safety guard rail kit will make your loft ladder safer to use. Designed to fit the Midmade range of loft ladders. Simple and straightforward to install, it only requires that you trim the timber lengths to the size of the ladder’s hatch.
Steel Loft Balustrade
Our Steel Loft Ladder Balustrade is very firm and rigid and provides a safe sturdy surround to your loft and is extra safety for you in your attic space. The Loft Surround Rail surrounds the attic stairs opening at 1m high the three sides of the attic stairs opening so it is extra security and safety for you when you are entering and exiting your attic space and also while you are in your attic. It can fit most attic stairs openings – The width is adjustable going from 500mm to 750mm.
Steel Grab Rails
A Grab Rail is a great alternative to the balustrade and provides a strong rail to help pull yourself into the loft. The Grab Rail is a simple yet very effective balance rail that gives support when entering and exiting the attic. It is made from 22 mm steel tubular and it is especially effective when carrying items.

Loft Lighting

All of our electricians are NICEIC approved and as such can provide a certificate for the works carried. No more carrying a torch up or struggling with a wired lamp!

Choose from the below options to suit you:

Single Loft Light and Switch
A single loft light installed into your loft with a switch placed next to the loft hatch for ease of use when entering the loft.
Fluorescent Tube Light
Make your loft even brighter by having a 4′ Fluorescent Tube Light Installed. The switch is installed close to the loft hatch for ease of use when entering.

Loft Clearance and Loft Emptying Service

As part of our core business of loft boarding, loft ladders and insulation we often get asked about moving stuff out of lofts too. We are pleased to provide loft clearance services throughout the UK as part of a full loft flooring or insulation job or as a standalone service.
How We Work
loft ladder supplied and fitted

When our staff arrive at your home they will first discuss with you, and agree or confirm the work to be carried out. After this they will start by laying dust sheets throughout the working area and begin accessing your loft space to start clearing it out.

loft hatch and ladder supplied and fitted

Any items that you want to keep will be placed in your designated location within your home. Rubbish and unwanted items will be bagged up and taken away with us to be recycled wherever possible. We are licensed waste carriers and will always dispose of your unwanted items in accordance with waste disposal guidelines.

loft hatch and ladder

Our staff will help you to sort through your items to decide what you want to keep and once you know, they can help you put it all away, either in the loft or wherever else you decide.

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