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We install the strongest raised loft boarding systems on the market for new and older properties. Amongst many loft boarding franchises out there today we remain a family run business with a national reach. As such we are impartial and will allow you to make the informed choice. All our Award-winning loft boarding services carry a Lifetime Warranty and won’t void your New Build Warranty (NHBC).
The quality of your loft boarding installation can affect a number factors within your property, so much that if you don’t choose a recommended professional then you may face more fees later down the line and even a reinstallation.

Our loft boarding is a premium quality, affordable service that brings an extra level of safety and quality to your loft or attic space. If you would like to know more about our boards, or you would like to arrange a free, no-obligation survey from one of our expert team, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Our loft boarding services comply to British Standard BS6399 part 1 - 1996 Loading for buildings: dead and imposed. British Standard BS5268: Part 2: 1996 which is the standard that covers the design of timber members. General rules and good practice will be checked against the guidance provided in Approved document- A, Building regulations 2010 and NHBC guidance. On request we are able to provide a structural calculation with certificate.

We install flooring of the highest quality. With our commercial sized 18mm, moisture- resistant, P5 grade chipboard flooring makes for the perfect surface for your loft. The grooved nature of the flooring means that we can install a solid, continuous surface without any gaps, using screws for the installation so any future need for cabling can be easily accommodated for.

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We have over 25 years experience in loft boarding and the storage rooms industry.

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Raised Loft Boarding Is Important For Airflow

Nowadays maintaining airflow is more important than ever, especially with the variety of household technology responsible for creating a humid, moist environment - consider your cooker, tumble dryer and shower, for example, are causing a lot of vapour in the air. This has resulted in the need to leverage the airflow and control the moisture in our homes.

It’s recommended that the gap between the loft boarding and insulation is more than 50mm, which for standard loft boarding methods is not possible. If ever a loft has been boarded directly onto the joists or subframe, or even just too close, they will begin to rot over time and become unsafe, and that goes for the structural timbers too. This is because the air doesn’t get the chance to fully cool down before it hits the timbers and boarding and creates a layer of moisture that struggles to dry, gathering more and more dampness as the time goes on. 82% of people do squash their insulation to create storage or access platforms, doubling the u-value and heat loss. Some people will even choose the space over insulation outright! This in time causes property damage and higher heating bills.

New Build Loft Boarding & Floor Strengthening

If you’re worried about voiding your new build warranty (NHBC) when adding loft boarding, there's no need to be concerned.

The Loftman Company are proud installers of two raised and approved flooring systems that protect your warranty. Our highly skilled team of installers apply a range of loft boarding techniques to deliver the best solution for almost every type of property regardless of age.

Our approved methods for raised loft boarding are:

The Loft Leg flooring system is used to elevate the loft boards over your insulation, this is especially important when the insulation sits above the floor joists. The Loft Leg raised flooring system, ensures you maintain a suitable gap for air to circulate between the floorboard and the insulation. This approach prevents the build up of condensation that can turn into damp and mould over time.

Raising your loft flooring allows your insulation to remain at the correct thickness, ensuring your homes thermal insulation level is maintained or in most cases improved.

Developed by a team of engineers and designers, the Loft Leg 175mm and 300mm system is very strong, lightweight and when applied correctly, reduces stress on floor & ceiling joists. As a result a much greater load can be stored, and stored safely.

Loft Leg is manufactured in the UK from recycled polypropylene to ISO9001 standards and has been tested to high tolerances by independent experts.

The LoftZone flooring system creates a very strong platform using lightweight raised beams. The Beams slide along and sit on top of Triangle supports which can be used to overcome any irregular spacing between floor joists.

Designed to promote airflow to reduce condensation StoreFloor like LoftLeg allows air to circulate below the boarding.

Simple, Strong, Unique Design

The patented StoreFloor system consists of 3 parts: The metal Cross-Beams, which the floor boards are secured to and plastic Tri- Supports and Uni-Supports which support the cross beams.

Strong galvanized steel cross-beams

Cross-Beams offer a safe way to support loft boards.

Lighter and faster to install than timber

Dependant on the age of your property Loftzone can be a quick method of applying a raised flooring system
Timber cross-bracing has a very wide selection of applications, in the very same way as Loft Leg and Loftzone above, we ensure air flow is maintained across your insulation.

In older properties floor joists can sometimes be weak or uneven; to ensure we provide a level, safe and robust flooring system Timber Cross brace can be the perfect method to use. If your existing floor joists aren't strong enough, we may utilise timber to create new joists or even bypass them completely, placing all the load of the new floor onto stronger existing structural beams.

Timber cross brace can also be combined with LoftLeg to provide a support system we developed in house. We use this method in areas where we have a combination of factors to over come, this could be different flooring levels or even new extensions leading into existing older loft spaces. There are many different ways to apply this method, but we always ensure the one we advise you with is the very best approach.

New Joist

If the existing floor joists are not strong enough to take normal loading requirements, or you intend on using the loft to store extra heavy loads, we can install new loft joists adjacent to the current ones to provide additional load capacity.
Loft Boarding FAQ's

Do I need my loft boarded?

Getting your loft boarded to a high standard has a range of benefits. The main one being you can add flooring to your loft, which opens up a wealth of options for a previously unoccupied space. With a new room to play with, you’re now able to store many other household items and begin to effectively declutter other areas of your property. 

Your newly boarded loft could potentially be the start of a full renovation but is most definitely the first step in increasing the amount of space in your home (sometimes up to 50%) and therefore the overall value of the property. 

Professionally boarded lofts are much more capable of retaining heat, as they create another obstruction for any heat that’s trying to escape, and often, suitable insulation is installed at the same time to ensure maximum energy efficiency. 

Do I need planning permission?

  • When you get your boarding installed for storage, this is not something to be concerned about, you don’t need permission to create storage space. However, if you are thinking of starting a larger project like converting your loft into anything from a bedroom or a lounge to a games room, this is considered extending the living spaces – for which you will need planning permission for.

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