Norfolk Lofts Are Crying Out For Some Good News!

We’ve done it! We’ve successfully branched out to the East of England with our loft services! Our specialist research suggests that there was a high demand for loft services in the region, and particularly in the county of Norfolk – although it didn’t take us long to realise that the Norfolk loft scene is desperate for some TLC … a.k.a The Loftman Company (see what we did there).

We got an enquiry about our East Anglia loft franchise opportunity back in December, and after learning what a bad year 2020 was for lofts in Norfolk, we couldn’t turn down the chance to provide homeowners to the east with safer loft access and more manageable loft space!

There’s no doubt that things are going a little differently this Spring due to the pandemic crisis, many of us have an abundance of free time, with very little places to spend it. We’re firm believers that a tidy home makes a tidy mind, and giving your living environment a little TLC goes a long way in times like these.

There are many reasons you might be feeling a bit cramped in your home, often those with growing families find there’s just not enough space for more people while keeping all your memorabilia. When life changes, we change with it, but our storage space often stays the same.

Norfolk Lofts: What Happened In 2020?

Let’s just agree that it wasn’t a good year in general, despite the need to isolate for most of the year, people still managed to cause some havoc. Just have a look at some of the top loft headlines in Norfolk from 2020.

The Man Who Hid In The Fibreglass

This was a story from back in October, whereby a suspect of robbery was discovered to be hiding in the insulation of someone’s loft. The police managed to find him using a thermal imaging camera – great for spotting ineffective insulation.

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The hide and seek master – who literally had to be cut out of the ceiling, obviously didn’t have a very accessible loft space, else we expect the police would have used a ladder to get into the loft and arrest him, rather than compromising the insulation, and decreasing the efficiency of the home.

We assume he no longer lives there – so if there is a man shaped hole in your ceiling, you’ll be glad to know we’ve arrived to provide loft services in Norfolk, and that we’ll be happy to get your loft back on track! We also provide a premium range of loft ladders in Norfolk and around the region, including sliding, folding, telescopic and concertina ladders!

The Man Who Lost Part Of His Ear

Ok, so technically this occurred in a nightclub called The Loft – but it definitely grabbed our attention! Despite the fact that this occurred following a nightclub scrap, there’s many ways that you can get injured in a loft space – or should we say, in a loft that’s lacking space.

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As experts in optimising loft space, we very much advocate loft safety. Part of our consultation is to assess whether or not you’re choosing the best, most suitable option, there are some occasions where we’ve had to recommend an alternative ladder or a hatch enlargement to increase the safety when accessing the loft. Loft safety starts with access, then the floor strength, and then the use of space – so read up on our previous blog all about hacks to create more loft space!

Loft Insulation Scam

Back in Feb 2020, Norfolk-folk reported a suspicious cold caller in the business of checking your loft insulation. Concerned about “damp and mould”, the caller was making out that they’d installed your insulation previously, and won’t accept liability if there is damp related damage to your property. Despite offering to check your loft for free, this samaritan probably doesn’t have the most honest of intentions!

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Our guess is that he’s either trying to up-sell a raised loft boarding service, or something similar, by making homeowners in the region worry about damp and mould. Or he’s a guilty cowboy builder who provided a few dodgy loft installations.
Either way, it speaks volumes about the quality of loft services in Norfolk if the companies have to cold call in order to get leads – we’re happy enough to wait for customers to find us, and even with this approach we’re never short of work.
But not everyone needs to store things so permanently – for any items you need often, but just can’t be left out, consider buying a set of decorative gift boxes like you would at birthdays or Christmas time, or even a leather poof for the lounge. These offer an elegant storage solution that can be a stylish feature in your living spaces rather than hidden away.

The Best Loft Boarding & Ladder Installation Services In Norfolk

After heading what a year it was for lofts in East Anglia, there was Norfolking way that we’d miss the opportunity to introduce our highly recommended loft installation services to the eastern population, you guys sounded a little desperate! With regards to opening our first franchise, we couldn’t have chosen a better region.

Contact us for a range of loft installation services, including loft ladders supplied and fitted, made to measure loft hatches, loft flooring and raised loft boarding in Norwich and all around Norwich for that matter. With our loft installation services you’ll receive:

✅  Any like-for-like quote beaten
✅  Lifetime warranty
✅  Over 25 years industry experience
✅  Flexible payment options with 0% interest
✅  The reassurance of 1000’s of pleased customers