Loft Ladder Installation Service Coventry

There are an estimated 400,000+ homes in and around Coventry, and we’re happy to have helped many homeowners improve their storage space access. However, many people in Coventry are still not quite on the bandwagon yet! Experts have revealed that homeowners in Coventry are taking the more long term approach to mortgage terms, which supports the trend that many people are taking, which is to renovate rather than relocate!
Therefore, it's more popular now than ever to ensure you’re getting the most value out of your property and the perfect place to start is to optimise the storage space. This is because your loft actually has the potential to increase the overall size of your home's floor space and could end up being the largest room in your house. This is totally wasted if your loft ladder and hatch is making access difficult.

After providing loft ladders and loft boarding in Coventry for over 15 years, we’ve seen our fair share of shoddy loft access routes, including ladders that are kept in the shed, and even ladders you physically have to catch as the hatch swings open.

We’ve had a nose around lofts all over the region, including areas like Holbrooks, Whitley, Binley, Lonford, as well as the outskirts of Coventry such as Kenilworth, Bedworth and Nuneaton, helping people like you make the most out of your loft. Too many people struggle to access their loft more than they need to and an easy to use, safe ladder option is at the forefront of your loft convenience.

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Loft ladder and hatch installation Coventry

After testing a large number of loft ladders all manufactured in Europe, we have carefully selected ladders that we believe are the best in the industry. With these ladders, we aim to offer the very best value and quality for our customers in Coventry, as well as the other regions we service.
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Choose the right loft ladder and hatch.

There’s more than one loft ladder to choose from, and selecting the best one along with an ideal hatch needs to be an educated decision. You can learn from our resources below.
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Give us a call.

There's a number of considerations to take before choosing a ladder and hatch, so feel free to call us if you need help with measurements or understanding the differences.
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Book it in.

Like we said, many homeowners in Coventry require loft storage and renovative services, so once you have decided confidently on a ladder, don’t hesitate to get your loft booked in!

Read about how we’ve helped homeowners in Coventry improve their storage space with a suitable loft ladder and hatch installation.

Loft Ladder Installation Coventry

Mr Rowe needed a ladder supplied and fitted in Nuneaton, Coventry, but lacked a device to access our website on. After listening to Mr Rowe’s needs, we fitted the best ladder choice for him following our free consultation and guidance.

Loft Ladder With Hatch Installation Coventry

Mrs Khatri needed a hatch relocation and ladder fitting service in Coventry to make room for her brand new loft ladder. Learn how we helped her choose the right one by clicking on the link below.

What are the different types of Loft Ladder?

With many lofts in Coventry lacking suitable ladder and hatch access, and many young people accepting mortgage terms that will take them well into their 60’s, it only makes sense to plan for the future and choose a loft ladder that you know will be just as easy to use when you’re older. If you require more guidance, feel free to check out our guide on selecting the right option for you!
Ladder Type Ladder Details Things to consider
Fold & Slide Ladders Two or three or four sections

Spring-assisted mechanism.
Space surrounding the hatch inside the loft

Surrounding walls and swing space
Concertina Ladders Extends with scissor mechanism

Spring assisted
Ideal for smaller homes

Doesn’t require as much space to stow away
Telescopic Ladders Collapsible mechanism

Spring assisted
Least amount of space required

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We have over 25 years experience installing loft ladders in Coventry.

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Coventry's Top Loft Ladders Supplied & Fitted

We’re proud to offer a range of loft ladder designs with a variety of purposes, all are professionally fitted by accredited installers of the loft industry’s leading brands. We do offer a free consultation to ensure you’re getting the best value out of our friendly service - but if you’d like to know about each ladder before, please browse below for an overview of each ladder including;

Easiway 3 Stage Loft Ladder

The aluminium ‘Easiway’ has three sliding sections and a handrail for added safety when in use. This high-quality loft ladder is easy to use and suitable for openings from 508mm x 432mm.

This 3 stage loft ladder is very ideal in restricted spaces, and due to its compact design, you’ll find it fits most loft spaces. It features a handrail and unique shoot bolt fastening to aid safety and ease of use. Collapse your loft with the pivot arm, added to ensure a smooth, gliding operation.

The treads featured on this ladder are wide, flat, comfortable and are non-slip, while the feet are covered with Carpet Protectors to avoid damaging the floor over time.

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Komfort LWK Timber Folding Loft Ladder

The LWK Komfort Loft Ladder is a folding ladder made of the highest quality pine wood, supplied with an insulated hatch door, red-painted metal handrail and stile ends (available only in the 3-section version). The hatch door is white on the inside and outside. The treads protrude beyond the front of the ladder and there is a considerable space between the ladder and the hatch door. Such a design makes stepping onto the treads easier, thus increasing the ease of using the ladder.

This folding wooden loft ladder includes a white-coated insulated hatch door and lining, along with a red painted handrail.

Deep, flat, non-slip treads are also featured to ensure maximum safety, while the spring assistance  

allows it to maintain its sturdy, flush build and promotes an easier operation.

This custom bespoke ladder along with a made to measure hatch is available also in a fire rated version.

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MINI 4-Section Folding Ladder

This 4-section folding loft ladder hides in the ceiling freeing up potentially vital space in the loft, along with a lock fitted. The box frame is made of pine and equipped with a seal as standard ensuring superior tightness and braced at the corners with patented hinges.

When installed this ladder includes a white coated insulated hatch door, lining, architrave and handrail. Ensure a safer access with the deep, non-slip treads and spring assisted design – all combined to create an extremely sturdy, aesthetically pleasing loft ladder and hatch choice.

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Telescopic Deluxe

The Telescopic Deluxe Loft Ladder is a quality metal loft ladder, cleverly designed to easily collapse and stow away (hatch not included). Deep, non-slip treads are as standard on every step. You’ll find that this option is also very easy to use and is a spring-assisted loft ladder. The sturdy, compact design, ensures no intrusion into the current loft space, and features Carpet Protectors to avoid damaging your landing!

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Scissor Concertina LST

The LST scissors loft ladder is complete with a white insulated hatch door and architrave, a wooden ladder box, metal finishing lining, and quick installation brackets. The spring-assisted concertina design allows you to open and close with minimal effort and guidance, allowing for a much more collapsable and compact ladder set up. The deep, flat, non-slip treads are featured on each rung to ensure ease of use and maximum safety. Easy to use and extremely robust, this clever loft ladder is available in made to measure / fitted versions for a bespoke design and can be requested as fire-rated if required.

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Timber Luxury LWL

This made to measure loft Ladder comes with a handrail and fitted hatch. It’s easy to use and comes with a spring-assisted door and gas strut unloading mechanism to ensure the most convenient loft visits. The extremely sturdy and neat aesthetic design makes for a standout feature to your attic or loft that will stand the test of time! This wooden LWL ladder includes a white-coated insulated hatch door, lining, and architrave. The handrail along with deep, flat, non-slip rung treads ensures safer assistance to your loft or storage room. The easy to use, spring-assisted door and gas strut unloading mechanism allows the ladder to open, close, collapse, and stow away while maintaining a unique and sturdy wooden design. Bespoke and made to measure ladders are available, likewise with the fitted loft hatch installed, and can be requested in a fire-rated version too!

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On top of supplying and fitting loft ladders in Coventry, we also operate in many regions of the UK, providing a range of loft services. We are the leading loft ladder and storage room specialists in the UK. Our expert team can assist with the supply and installation of a wide range of products and accessories that will transform your unused loft into a practical and safe storage space.
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Areas in Coventry we cover include but aren’t limited to:
✅ Allesley
✅ Bell Green
✅ Binley
✅ Caludon
✅ Canley
✅ Chapelfields
✅ Cheylesmore
✅ Coundon
✅ Earlsdon
✅ Eastern Green
✅ Foleshill
✅ Hillfields
✅ Holbrook
✅ Keresley
✅ Longford
✅ Radford
✅ Spon End
✅ Styvechale
✅ Stoke
✅ Tile Hill
✅ Walsgrave
✅ Whitley
✅ Whoberley
✅ Willenhall
✅ Wyken

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