How to increase your storage space

Published: 15th May, 2020.

It's coming up to the end of spring cleaning season and as leaders in storage optimisation, here are a few of our top suggestions to help you increase your storage space.

There’s no doubt that things are going a little differently this Spring due to the pandemic crisis, many of us have an abundance of free time, with very little places to spend it.

We’re firm believers that a tidy home makes a tidy mind, and giving your living environment a little TLC goes a long way in times like these.

There are many reasons you might be feeling a bit cramped in your home, often those with growing families find there’s just not enough space for more people while keeping all your memorabilia. When life changes, we change with it, but our storage space often stays the same.

How Can I Increase Storage Space In My Home?

Storage Rooms.

Knowing you’ll be using your nephew's baby crib one day in the future is making you keep hold of it, but seriously, where does it go until then? Converting your loft space or spare bedroom into a storage room is a great way to centralise the loose possessions and furniture in your home. So many of us have items passed down to us from relatives, things from childhood that don’t have a proper home - doesn't mean they have to be thrown out! Increase your overall storage space with a whole room dedicated to to storage.

Give It Up!

On the flip-side: there are many reasons hoarding is bad for you, both for physical and mental health. Many of us don’t fall within the bracket of concern, but would still admit to holding onto things we don’t need. It can be hard to give up things with sentimental value if it’s irreplaceable but ask yourself if you think someone can put it to better use. By reducing a number of these things you'll be sure to increase your storage space entirely!

Is your grandma's china getting the attention it deserves boxed up on the loft floor? Probably not. Also, donating it to charity gives you the feeling of helping someone in need, while finding a more suitable owner for your once-loved items.

Air-lock Storage Bags

The weather is officially warming up now. While some of us might still be holding on to our cosy jumpers, they’re simply not needed all year round. Air-lock bags are a great invention that squashes your unused clothes into a more manageable size. Perfect for storing under the bed or in the loft!

Organising clothes and putting away clean washing will be a much easier task, not to mention choosing an outfit, especially if your wardrobe was bursting before! So say goodbye to your woolly hats and knitted sweaters, for now, they’ll be ready for next year and exactly how you left them.


There are many places around the home where you’ll find a shelf is the ONLY option for certain items, there’s simply no other home for it! One of the best ways to find a new place for something is to create it yourself. Consider the items in your living room or bedroom that would look much neater on a wall rather than a desk or cabinet surface - books, plants, clocks, ornaments.

Not just that, but if you already have access to attic with loft flooring, shelving is another great way to make the space more manoeuvrable, while spreading out the items more vertically so they’re easier to organise and retrieve when needed - we offer this as an extra service if you’re getting your loft boarded by us and will be happy to advise on the best options.

Storage Boxes

Simple but effective. These come in many different sizes and designs, some are more heavy-duty - if you’re putting in the loft-like photos or clothes you should protect them from the elements as best you can. Often when people have ineffective loft-boarding methods installed they’ll find damp and condensation in the space. This is because the heat rising from the first two floors concentrates and finds its way into various areas of the loft rather than even distributed damaging your items.

But not everyone needs to store things so permanently - for any items you need often, but just can’t be left out, consider buying a set of decorative gift boxes like you would at birthdays or Christmas time, or even a leather poof for the lounge. These offer an elegant storage solution that can be a stylish feature in your living spaces rather than hidden away.

Hooks & Pegs

While hooks and pegs don’t seem like the million-dollar invention for increasing storage space in your home, if you can find space for them in your hallway or on a bedroom wall they can be very handy in keeping things flush against the wall. Rather than having items taking space on the floor or shelves, consider placing some near the front door to hang shoes on when people enter the house, your bedroom door for bulky coats, or even put some in your kitchen for your larger cooking utensils. Our main drive for promoting things like this is not just convenience, but to create a fresher, more comforting appearance.

Getting your loft boarded

We just had to include this one on the list - if you haven't already built access to the biggest room in your house, then you should - this is the option that will increase your storage space the most! It’s noted that getting your loft professionally boarded out can add up to 50% more floor space to your home.

One thing that holds people back from getting loft boarding is because they’re worried about losing their NBHC warranty for their new build property. However, at The Loftman Company, we always ensure that you’re aware of anything that may affect the value of your home, and we’re also proud suppliers of new-build-approved raised loft boarding, that ensures no damage to your wires and pipes in the long term, as well as keeping your stored items safe and sound!

Final Few Words On Increasing Storage Space

While we may be a bit biased towards the last option, loft boarding is the most efficient way to increase the storage space in your home - while also saving you money on energy bills. But as you can see, there’s a range of basic yet effective hacks that you can do to organise your home during downtime.

If we’re still amongst the national lockdown by the time you read this - we hope you are keeping a healthy body and mind, and staying motivated for the return - we know we are!

We’re still able to provide quotes for when things take off again, but until then - stay safe.

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