Loft Boarding Installation Sutton Coldfield

Loft Products Required:
Raised Loft Boarding (Loft Leg)

Services: Loft Clearance / Laying of new loft insulation / Loft Leg installation / Loft boarding / Balustrades)
Location: Sutton Coldfield
Date: October 2020

Loft boarding is our most popular service on offer, and we just love being the ones to transform your home into a more efficient property - we always pride ourselves on the drive to be sustainable, whether it's with optimising storage space with loft boarding, boosting the value of your property, while improving the energy efficiency of your insulation and the materials in your loft.

Towards the start of October, we received a call back request from Mr. and Mrs. Jones and their family of 3, who are due twins this winter! Congratulations from everyone here at The Loftman Company!

With the arrival of newborns, arrives a range of equipment, and with such a busy household already, Mr. and Mrs. Jones needed to rearrange many parts of their home and optimise storage space - which meant making use of the largest room in their house... the loft!

loft boarding installation sutton coldfield
raised loft boarding sutton coldfield

Step 1: Loft Clearance Service Sutton Coldfield

The first steps we usually face with installing loft boarding is to make space for the new materials. While you can do this yourself, it requires some manual work and could risk damaging the current joists if you’re not careful. This is something we provide at an extra cost of £15 per square metre for removal and responsible disposal of any existing loft insulation and boarding - if you’re considering this service as an extra, we’ll just kindly remind you to clear the loft of any stored items before we arrive.

Step 2: Loft Insulation Service Sutton Coldfield

Next comes the task of installing the loft insulation. Being a period property the Jones’ didn't have a huge amount of attic space in terms of ceiling height, but still wanted to use raised loft boarding as their method of choice. So we installed 170mm thick earthwool insulation as this helped them improve their homes efficiency, without compromising on ceiling height when having the raised loft boarding installed.

Step 3: Loft Leg Installation Sutton Coldfield

Now when it comes to installing boarding, we always recommend raised loft boarding as this protects your insulation primarily, as well as the range of materials in your loft, such as wiring, pipes, and the planks of boarding we install. Loft Leg raises their floor by 300mm so that there's sufficient space between the flooring boards and the insulation, to avoid thermal bridging.

Thermal bridging is where warm pockets of air are unable to move as freely through the space, restricting the airflow, and as a result can cause damp, mould and mildew from the concentration of humidity. In a new build property, raising flooring with Loft Leg or similar products is the only way to install loft boarding without voiding your new build insurance, so it’s even more necessary!

Step 4: Raised Loft Boarding Installation and New Loft Joists Sutton Coldfield

Following the installation of the earthwool lining and the Loft Leg stilts, we’re ready to install the new joists. The reason the Jones required new joists is simply because they know they’ll be storing heavy items in the loft, and adding more and more items into storage as the years go on, and therefore they need to prepare for this by ensuring stronger joists are added adjacent to the existing ones.

Following this, we’re then in a position to cut and add the raised loft boarding. This is done simply by adding the boards ensuring the wooden groves are connected and secured sufficiently around the new joists.

Step 5: Loft Balustrades & Shelving Installation Sutton Coldfield

Finally we have the task of adding a few special loft extras to polish off the space and ensure it maintains its accessibility. Firstly we added loft balustrades to provide a much safer means to enter the loft. We then installed loft shelving to really optimise the space, allowing for more vertical storage as opposed to just horizontal - this is a great space saver, especially for smaller items and storage boxes, allowing you to keep your loft floor space for the larger (less misplacable) items only.

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If you’ve got some new family members on the way, you could find yourself in the same position as the Jones’ were back in October. We don’t recommend waiting until the day you need a new loft to consider getting it installed - these things always work better when you plan in advance! Likewise if you’ve already got little ones in the household, you might find yourself needing a space for Santa to wrap and store his goodies - don’t leave it too late!

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