Raised Loft Boarding (Loftzone) Installation - Wolverhampton

Loft Products Required:
Raised Loft Boarding (New Build Property)

Services: Laying of new loft insulation / loftzone storefloor installation / Loft boarding / shelving
Location: Wolverhampton
Date: Jan 2020

Mr Chahal got in touch with us to develop a new storage room on the roof of his house. Having moved into a new build property with his wife, and also with a baby on the way, he was desperate to convert the space in his roof into an actual room for storing his much-loved items as they make room for the new family member soon to join them later in 2020.

Now because this is a new build property (after the year 2000), it was important for us to remind Mr Chahal of his NHBC warranty that insures his property, and the effects that loft boarding can have on it.

The standards set in place are to ensure that new homeowners avoid getting work done that will compromise the homes overall efficiency - so we recommended the ONLY approved method of new build loft boarding, which is to be raised using the award-winning Loftzone Storefloor.

raised loft boarding wolverhampton
raised loft boarding wolverhampton

Step 1: Removing old insulation

As part of our set up, we can provide clearance services if like Mr Chahal you have old insulation that needs replacing. Alternatively, if you need the entire loft contents moving to a room on a lower floor, we’ll need to come out and take a proper look before we begin the quoting process.

Step 2: Laying New Loft Insulation Wolverhampton

After clearing out the old layers, we upgraded the insulation to a more effective Earthwool from Knauf, created with organic materials and saving you money on heating bills throughout the winter, but also regulating heat in the summer!

Step 3: Installing Loftzone Storefloor Wolverhampton

Then came the task of installing the tri supports evenly 610mm apart from each other, and screwed securely into the joists. The galvanised steel beams are then slid on, and the top-up insulation is added to fill the gaps between the new, higher beams - before finally adding the top deck of loft boarding.

Step 4: Installing Raised Loft Boarding Wolverhampton & Loft Extras

After creating a high enough frame to promote enough airflow between the layers of the ceiling and the insulation, we then added the top layer of boarding to solidify the floor while our Loftman then quickly installed the shelving.

Step 5: Pack up and clean up

We always provide a tidy-up service as standard and ensure the place is as spotless as it was when we arrived. Mr Chahal was very pleased with our service and left a lovely Trustpilot review for us ...

“BIG thank you to Richard who was the 1st person who I phoned for a quote, we decided to go ahead with The Loftman Company who took over the job and was very fast at replying to my emails and phone calls.

On top of my new build insulation, the guys used loft legs and full-length boarding shelving fitted on both sides. When they finished they even cleaned up all the mess!”

Thanks, Mr & Mrs Chahal! If you’re looking for highly recommended loft boarding services and installation of ladders and hatches, then contact the loft experts today. Take a look at our quote builder to build your very own loft package, and don’t be afraid to take advantage of our payment options on offer!
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