Loft Ladder Installation Case Study - Coventry

At the start of December we got a call from an elderly homeowner on the outskirts of Coventry looking to make their loft more accessible, with the help of a new loft hatch, a convenient loft ladder, and a highly recommended installer of loft essentials.

Loft Services In Coventry

There's over 400,000 homes in Coventry, and we’ve had the pleasure of helping a wide range of customers from around the region, including areas like Holbrooks, Whitley, Binley, Lonford, as well as the outskirts such as Bedworth and Nuneaton.

With many people turning to storage space renovation and loft services in Coventry, it's a common way for them to increase the value of their property, rather than move. We tend to see many loft ladders in Coventry that are just not fit for purpose.

Mr Rowe phoned with the intention of learning about our loft ladders having not visited our website like many of his generation, which we were happy to educate him on, along with our range of affordable loft packages. As you may have realised from our product range, ladders come more than bog-standard nowadays!

He explained that convenience was high up on his list because his level of mobility is not what it used to be, although he still wants to be able to get into the loft as and when, and the important factor - independently, having not even visited the loft for years!

After hearing the range of ladders, we were provided with a few measurements, but it soon became clear that it was best to go to Coventry and give Mr Rowe a visit, providing a full consultation.

Loft Ladder Consultation

1. We first checked the floor to ceiling height to check if the folding ladder range will fit. This is crucial to measure as the ladder needs to be able to open fully - unlike a sliding ladder where this is less of a factor.
2. We then checked the landing to loft floor space to see if telescopic ladder or concertina will be able to be fitted. This is required as the safety of the ladder will be compromised if not. We require some space around the loft hatch to attach the ladder brackets, fitted to the loft floor to allow the ladder to be stowed away neatly and safely. The non-slip treads will also be made less effective if the ladder is too vertical due to the landing to floor space being too big.
3. We then checked the surrounding hatch space, as expected the current hatch was very small to the one we were planning to install, and partly the reason why Mr Rowe hadn’t been able to access his loft for so long. It turned out that the surrounding space was fairly clear, and by that we mean the joists were conveniently placed for us, and there would be no surrounding wires or pipes in the way if he was to choose a concertina.
4. Then finally, we checked the swing space for the hatch and ladder, as this can sometimes get overlooked by customers phoning up for a quote. But it's important to consider as your landing light may be close to the hatch, and likewise with checking there's space to unfold/slide the ladder safely at the top of your stairs. Not to mention the space actually in the loft to maneuver it and stow it away without being too close to hanging wires and pipes.

After taking a full assessment, we felt in a position to offer Mr Rowe any loft ladder from our range, as his home is fairly generous in terms of space, without any obstructions whatsoever.

So the next stage was for the customer to decide on which loft ladder is best suited to him personally as the prime user. This was a decision based solely on convenience as Mr Rowe was so impressed with our spread payment options, he didn’t see affordability being an issue here!

Due to the convenience and less-vertical climb, he opted for the Concertina Loft Ladder. So the following week we went to fit the new ladder along with the fireproof hatch.


Concertina Loft Ladder Installation Coventry

While there was a lot of space around the ladder and hatch, we didn’t need to create a new hatch, however we still had to provide a hatch enlargement service to begin with, which involves adding some new timber to the frame as wide as the hatch, then removing the old inner timber and ceiling material accordingly.

We then installed the new, insulated hatch, along with the white architrave for a nice clean finish.

Next, it’s time to add the required fixtures for the spring assisted hinges to attach onto, before installing the actual ladder itself - more often than not this is actually the easiest part of the installation despite the intimidating appearance.

Finally, to take things that step further, the customer thought it was best to include some loft balustrades to ensure a safer climb and entry point at the top of the ladder, which we agreed would be a sensible option considering the customer lives alone

The Outcome

Mr Rowe was over the moon with the overall look of the ladder, and how easy it is to open and close the hatch as and when required - and was pleasantly reminded of how much space there is in his loft having not accessed it in so long!

If you're looking for something similar to what we provided for Mr Rowe and his new loft ladder in Coventry, don’t hesitate to contact us for more information or to hear our range of services - or learn about the various styles in our blog about how to choose the perfect loft ladder.

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