Loft Ladder Installation & Loft Hatch Enlargement Service Solihull

Loft Products Required:
Folding loft ladder
Hatch supplied and fitted

Services: Loft Ladder Installation and Hatch Enlargement
Location: Solihull
Date: March 2020

Earlier this year we received a call from Karen in Solihull, who was seeking quotes for a loft ladder installation and hatch enlargement for her detached home in the West Midlands.
Coming to us having already spoken to a few of our competitors we were happy to share with Karen our of loft package deals and benefits.
Karen took full advantage of our friendly spread payment options, allowing her to pay for the ladder and hatch over the following 12 months with 0% interest. The customer is getting the value of safer loft access, and increased property value - before it's been completely paid.
loft ladder installation solihull

Step 1: Set Up

The first stage of this job was to clear the space in the room beneath the hatch, ensuring its a safe area to work, and removing any personal items that Karen may have stored near the hatch opening inside the loft.

We're not always asked to provide clearance services such as removing items from the loft or pulling up old loft boarding - but you'll be glad to know we offer this an extra service for those that need it.

Step 2: Hatch Enlargement and Installation Solihull

The next step was to remove the old hatch and make enough of an opening to fit the new hatch along with the folding ladder attached to it.

This involves a good understanding of the roof structure, to ensure we're not removing any of the crucial beams or trusses or compromising the roof support, and being very careful not to damage any of the pipes or wiring.

We then had the task of measuring the surrounding space beneath the hatch to ensure there's enough space for the ladder to fold out into - without the customer having to compromise balance or reach while climbing the ladder steps.

Step 3: Ladder Installment Solihull & Loft Safety Features

After supplying a loft hatch suitable for the surrounding environment, we were able to get the ladder fitted in no time! Fakro folding loft ladders offer a reliable, safe method of loft access that ensures a high level of convenience for the homeowner.

We then added some Steel Balustrades inside the loft space to increase the safety of the hatch for Karen while she enters, while she stands around the opening, and to aid her exiting the loft with extra grab rails.

Step 4: Pack up and clean up

Being kindly invited into the homes of many of our happy customers, we provide a tidy-up service as standard and ensure the place is as spotless as it was when we arrived. Karen was pleased with our service and provided a lovely review for us ...

"I found The Loftman Company on Google and noticed all their reviews, and I wasn't disappointed. From the first phone call until the loft ladders were installed, they were very professional. They arrived on time, did an excellent job and cleaned up before they left. I would highly recommend them."

Thanks Karen! If you're looking for highly recommended loft boarding services and installation of ladders and hatches, then contact the experts today. Take a look at our quote builder to build your very own loft package, and don't be afraid to take advantage of our payment options on offer!
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