Tips To Improve Your Loft Space In The New Year

Published: 26th January, 2021

Despite the odd 2020 we’ve all had, it's the season to start new beginnings and make the necessary improvements ahead of the year! T’was the season to be jolly, but that has been and gone now - Happy New Year!

Unless you’re loft folk like us, your attic space isn’t always at the forefront of your mind this time of year, although it’s probably the time most of us make enter our loft. Whether it's to put the Christmas tree back up, store your decorations or just generally hiding from what 2021 might throw at you after last year.

Therefore, in this blog, we’ve come up with a few ways to help you make the most of your loft around winter, and the various benefits of looking after your loft, and more specifically how to improve your loft space!

How Can I Improve My Loft Space?

If your loft is important to you, you’ll know that the struggle for space can change year on year depending on what changes in your life. Often those with young children and a growing family will require some rearrangements as time goes on, and the loft space doesn’t always return to how you once left it.

With that in mind, here are some tips from the loft experts to help you improve your loft space for good:

Access: Get A Hatch That Comes With A Ladder

The first tip starts at the first stage of the journey - a hatch with a ladder. If this usually involves grabbing a ladder from under the stairs and pushing a loose hatch up into the opening, just stop there… you're doing it wrong.

While there are many creative ways you could reach your hatch, using a ladder is often the most sensible. However, you’ll sometimes find people keeping it in a completely separate place. This just makes the process more difficult from the get-go. Therefore our first tip to improve your loft space is ensuring safe and simple access.

Plus, if you keep your ladder in the shed - on a rainy day this could call for some extra safety measures such as drying the steps and sides and a UK New Year isn’t always blessed with kind weather forecasts!

Get a ladder that is part of your hatch like the various ones we offer! There's a nice range to choose from depending on your space, budget, and if your level of mobility is impaired.

For example, if you have generous space inside the loft and around the hatch, but are limited in the floor to ceiling space, then a sliding ladder could be the best option for you. It’s simple to stow away and can be adjusted to suit your climbing style if necessary. But we’ll let you read up on the various types in our blog about choosing the right loft ladder option!

Boarding, if you haven’t already got it (we hope you have)
To be clear, it’s never a good idea storing things on the soft insulation wool, as this is not the strongest part of the loft floor, and will be making your insulation a lot less effective. To make matters worse, nobody likes wasting money on heating bills this time of year!

Boarding out your loft! This will improve the safety of your loft space making it easier to manoeuvre around. Plus, it could literally have the potential to become the largest room in your house in terms of floor space!

Our third tip is to stop storing as much on the floor and start storing vertically with loft shelving! Scouring for your smaller items and placing them on shelves doesn’t seem like it would make a big difference, but little by little you can improve the amount of floor space in your loft, so you can keep it for organising your larger items - like your Christmas tree or suitcases for example.

Airlock storage bags
This is a great option if your wardrobe is so extensive that you keep winter clothes separate from summer clothes. Additionally, it’s even more ideal if you’re one to hold onto charity clothes or vintage items that you’re counting on coming back into fashion. These can be found pretty cheap online and are a great solution to improving your loft space, as well as keeping your clothes protected from getting dusty, damp or full of unwelcome critters!
Storage boxes
This may sound like an obvious one but using just a few of these will make a world of difference. Being able to categorise your things using designated boxes that can stack vertically will save you a lot of loft space. Another way this improves your loft space is by reducing the number of places you’ll need to search when you're next putting the decorations away.

Hooks, Pegs or Racks
Anything that you're able to hang up is much happier hung than on the floor - that's our advice! This goes for things like Christmas lights or larger decorations, or other holiday items such as ski clothing and wetsuits. Installing a pole between the joists will allow you to store hangable items that would otherwise take up space in boxes. While this improves the use of space, ensure that your loft isn’t prone to dampness if you were planning on storing clothes in the open, as mould could form and end up ruining them.

A lot of people settle for using a flashlight to find their way around the loft, but these are the people who usually can’t find anything and are constantly banging their head. It’s as much of a tip as it is a no brainer, but there are a lot of convenient lighting options to improve your loft space on eBay, including battery-operated ones that can be simply hung up without calling the local electrician.

Throw out old stuff
Our final slice of advice is to ditch the things that you have no reason to keep any longer. While we often look back this time of year to all the great memories that took place over the year and Christmas season, it’s a good time of year to focus on the new year. Therefore, it’s out with the old and in with the new and improved storage room! We know that there will be some things you just can’t part from, but try this Loftman rule of thumb - if there are any loft items that you can’t name off the top of your head, you probably don’t need them any more!

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