Loft Ladders Cambridge Supplied & Fitted - Case Study

Published: 1st June, 2021

At the start of December we got a call from a homeowner in the medieval city of Cambridge looking to make their loft more accessible and add value to their home, with the help of a brand new UPVC loft hatch, a loft ladder that's easy to use and stowe away neatly.

Cambridge Loft Ladder Consultation

1. First we measured the floor to ceiling height to see if a folding ladder would fit. This is required to measure as the ladder needs to be able to unfold fully - unlike a sliding ladder where this is less of a crucial factor.

2. We then checked the landing to loft floor space to check if the telescopic ladder or concertinas we supply could be fitted. This is required as the safety of the ladder will be compromised if not. We require some space around the loft hatch to attach the extra attachments which allow the ladder to be stowed away neatly and safely. Not just that, but the non-slip treads wouldn’t be effective if the ladder was too straight - sufficient landing to floor space is required without being too much that it's vertical else it becomes dangerous.

3. When we checked the surrounding hatch space, the current hatch was very small compared to the one we were planning to install. It turned out that the surrounding space was fairly clear, and the joists were conveniently placed for us.

4. Then lastly we checked the ‘swing space’ for the hatch and ladder. This is important to consider as your landing light may be close to the hatch, and there needs to be enough space to unfold/slide the ladder safely at the top of your stairs. Not to mention the space actually in the loft to stow it away without snagging any hanging wires.

loft ladder installer cambridge
After taking a full assessment, we felt in a position to offer Mr Phillips any loft ladder from our range, as his landing space and loft doesn’t pose any obstructions.

The next stage was for the customer to decide on which loft ladder is best suited to him personally as the homeowner. This was a decision based solely on convenience as Mr Phillips was so impressed with our spread payment options, the price tag didn’t phase him in the least.

Due to the convenience and less-vertical climb, he opted for the telescopic Loft Ladder. So the following week we went to fit the new ladder along with the fireproof hatch.

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